Friday, May 23, 2008

Lunch with my kids.

So I pick my kids from school today, and we go to lunch. Before we ate, we blessed the food. Once we finished, an older gentleman tapped my shoulder and with a smile, jokingly asked "were you actually praying in public?", to which I replied, " can you believe it?". He said "Do you know that you might get arrested for that?" So we  talked a little bit about what a shame it is that public prayer is somehow offensive to some people.
I told him we do what we need to do, and we pray. He said, "AMEN, I'll see you up there!".
He was adorable, and he put a smile on my face. 

Man, oh man, what a crazy world. 

On another note, I am watching the effect our adoption journey is taking on my husband. It is subtle and sweet. I feel for him, knowing how I have been feeling lately. As a teacher, he sees and hears about situations with kids more than I do. As tough as it is, he is sometimes visibly upset, and I think that it makes him more proactive. It has made him want to be an even better father. It is all good. 


Melissa said...

We always pray at restaurants too, but so far no funny looks or funky comments. I always hope maybe we are encouraging someone else to be a little more bold next time.