Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Awesome idea!

I recently added this badge from Revolution Money Exchange. A good friend turned me on to it as a great way to raise funds for our adoption. I also really like the idea that I can contribute to her fundraising effort and my own at the same time. It's like Paypal, but without the fees. When I signed up, I received $25, and my friend, wife to the rockstar, earned $10 because I signed up under her. You can add a badge to your blog, spread the word, and do the same thing. There is nothing to lose, and it is easy. Click on the badge below or in my side bar to check it out!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange


Eric and Michelle said...

I am working on adding a badge to my site too, but when I tried initially I used both my husband and my name so the account could not be verified so I am waiting for approval after faxing in a copy of my drivers license. I agree it is a wonderful idea and love that you benefit 2 at the same time. I hope I have my button up soon. Word of caution don't sign up for a joint account.

poseygirl said...

Good advice. They had to verify my account when I signed up too, but luckily it was resolved without anyone even contacting me.