Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Even so, I am blessed

Today I had a blue funk kind of day. A crybaby, get on my own nerves kind of day. An I will not share all of the gory details with anyone kind of day. A keep reminding myself how blessed I am kind of day. 

Lots of reasons and no reasons at all. It is funny how if you string enough very small crappy things together, it colors everything in your world. I did a lot of praying today. I apologized for my whiny, bratty attitude a few times today. I wish I could have stayed in the house today.

Even so, I am blessed. In about 15 minutes it will be a new day. I will put this day to bed with a sigh of relief. Good night Wednesday.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ohhhhhhh boy!:)

I talked to the adoption agency owner and plan to do my home study visit in a few weeks (first part of Dec.)! (I am praying that God will make a way financially by then) Oh my #1. She sent me the novel we have to fill out! Oh my #2. I want to put off filling out forms and dive in all at once. Talk about daunting. I read over all the information needed, and my mind hasn't stopped racing since. Somebody talk me down!!!!:) Half of the questions require answers I have never given any thought to, and most people who know me (myself included) consider me a little overly analytical (i.e I think too much). I suppose it is a good thing to do some more self analysis in this process. So this weekend I am going to immerse myself in adoption paperwork and at some point try to coax my husband into doing the tiny part that I cannot do for him (pray for me:)). Now I just have to decide who I am going to ask to write reference letters for us. Hoo-boy! Scary and exciting!!!!!!:)

On another note, our new doggie (Stella) has adjusted wonderfully to our family. We are so pleased, she fits in just right. Our other doggie (Sadie) loves her and they play great together and tucker each other out enough so that there are long stretches of calm and two happy, tired doggies in our house. Sadie is lonely no more, and the kids and hubby are just tickled pink to have both of them. I was concerned that two dogs would mean double the work for me, since I am home with them all day, and more than anyone else. Surprisingly, getting Stella has cut my "work" in half. Sadie seems less hyper since we brought Stella home, almost like the older sister setting the example:), and HUGE bonus...Stella is housebroken!!!! She had one pee-pee accident the first night, and my husband is sure she tried to let him know she had to go out before she did it. I hope I didn't jinx myself by putting that out there. 

So things are good and nuts in the Posey household. Love it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I must be nuts

We have a sweet doggie named Sadie. We think Sadie is a little lonely. Our family is constantly on the run. While I love animals, I don't necessarily feel that life is incomplete without one in the home. My husband disagrees. I truly love my husband. I truly love our sweet Sadie, so....lately we have been talking about getting a playmate for her. 
Today we did! I must be nuts!:)

We adopted Stella from the shelter, and so far she seems to be just right for our family. So sweet, and even a little calmer than Sadie (at least so far:). 16 months old, and beautiful. My hubby loves her, the kids love her, and yeah...I love her too.:) We are happy. 
Welcome to the family Stella!!!! 

 (Sadie is the brown one in front)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Catching up

I had every intention of writing a post to update what has been going on in my life. I decided to catch up with all of you first, and it has me feeling a little melancholy. I learned a lot in the last hour of reading all of your blogs (not the least of which is how long I have been gone):(. I did not post a comment on everyone's blogs, because I am currently being a slacker mom in front of my laptop, and it is Saturday, so the kids are raring to go. 
I just want to share how much I am moved by all the big and little things you are all willing to share about your lives and your hearts. In this busy world, we don't always have or take the time to walk in each others' shoes, and learn others viewpoints and ponder the human condition. While I wish I could do that with you all face to face or at least on the phone, my life is fuller and better for being able to learn from and share with you all. Thank you.

On another important note, my Goddaughter turned 17 yesterday. It is so bittersweet. Although I did not give birth to her, my family and I practically raised her, so she is like my 1st baby. She came home from the hospital to my house and basically never left. 5lbs, 5ozs of beautiful china doll. I still cry every time she has to go home. What a sap! For goodness sake, I am crying right now. Anyway, Happy birthday, angel baby. Mommy loves you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coincidence?...I think not.:)

I hate to blog and run, which is why I have been missing in action for almost a week. I owe my blogger friends some pics, and I plan to get to that asap.

Yesterday. the possibility of something profound (at least to me) crossed my mind. I was finally able to fact find a few minutes ago, and now I want to share/document my findings.

Last year we attempted IVF. I thought it interesting that we have begun the adoption process within weeks of that journey a year later. As I thought about the dates, I started to think maybe it is closer to the date of beginning IVF than I realized. I thought "what if it was the same day?" No way!

Well thanks to last year's calendar and this blog, I have documented proof that we officially started the IVF procedure and our adoption process a year to the day apart!!! Oct. 29th. What are the chances?!

Maybe I am just being weird, but it feels significant to me. It feels like it is a good thing.

Just thought I'd share.:)