Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!!! Lots of birthdays!!!

Heyyyy! Happy New Year. Once again it has been sooooo long! I pray everyone is well and had wonderful holidays. Ours were great, but extremely busy. I don't recover from from the holidays until after Jaden's birthday in February. Everyone in my family other than me celebrates their birthday between December 29th and February 1st!!

So I am sending out belated blogworld birthday wishes to my hubby and daughter. Love you soooo much! Tauri, Mommy's most wonderful ringing in of the new year will always be when I gave birth to you. Ain't no party like a Tauri T party.:) I cannot believe I have 15 year old!

Now on to why I, without question, had to post today (as I write this, it has officially become the 10th of January). The reason I am blogging from my itouch, which I NEVER do because it is easily one of the most annoying things in life. The reason I am at work doing this to make sure it gets done (yes I am back at work. More on that later). All because my baby, my sweet little boy Taj turned 1 today!!!!! I am NOT ready!:( This is hard. I have tried to make each stage last, but the kid will NOT cooperate. I never once said "I can't wait until you...(choose anything)", but he started walking at 9 and a half months. He has ten teeth, including 2 molars!! Whyyyyyyy? He is awesome and I am cherishing every moment, but I need more time. He was just born!!!! I know I sound irrational, but there it is. We are still happily nursing, so at least there is that. I just wish I could slow the passage of time. Once again, I can only describe it as bittersweet.

Tajimus Maximus (big nickname:)), my love, my angel, my dream come true, Taj Jair, Happy 1st birthday. I love you more than I could ever express! Even as I am saddened by the lightning speed passage of time, I do love watching you grow and develop. You are a wonder and I am honored to be your mommy. I love you.

Okay, moving on. I am now back at work singing 4 nights a week. It is a tough transition, being away from home and my family, but financially it is an answered prayer. I have to say God is good all the time. Wonderful things are happening for my family. I will share more soon.

Oh yes, I got to meet Kai, the newest Rockstar family member. So sweet. Congratulations to all the Rockstars. Loved seeing you!:)

Well, I will touch base soon. I will be trying to catch up with whay is going on with everyone. I do miss it. I guess it is time to go sing now.

Much love and blessings!