Monday, September 21, 2009

Still around!

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. It has been far too long. I am such a slacker!!

I have been technologically challenged aside from time challenged. I won't bore you with the details, but among other things, I only have access to these two pics for now. More to come.

Actually, the stars are in rare alignment (so to speak). I am currently blessed with a sleeping infant, my middle child is at his first flag football practice, I am not out running errands, there is nothing and no one that needs immediate attention, and I have a special motivation to post.

Most of you who may read my blog know me through Courtney, Wife to the Rockstar, but for those few of you who don't, please check this out. She and her amazing family are adopting another baby due in less than two weeks. This family is near and dear to my heart for many reasons. One reason is they started us on our adoption journey in a huge way, emotionally, physically and financially. I want to implore you to make a donation to this adoption. As most of you know, adoption is a tremendous 2 way blessing. I am sooooo excited for them and for the baby they will soon welcome into the family. Please give whatever you can. No amount is too small (or big :)). I know from personal experience, that every bit helps. So many of you blessed us by donating to a our adoption fund and I have a beautiful angel baby to show for it. In fact, don't even finish reading this post (come back later :))!!! GO, GO, GO make a donation, buy a shirt, just do it!!! Time is of the essence. Less than two weeks!!!:) 

Now, where were we? Oh yes, a little update. Summer was madness. The kids seem to grow more than usual over the summers. They are huge. We did a lot of traveling. Weddings :), funerals :(, family reunions, and miscellaneous stuff. 

I didn't work much, and while financially that makes things tough, as a mommy it was a huge blessing. Staying home with Taj has been unbelievably sweet. 

Tauri started high school this year (that just kills me). I can't believe my baby is 14. Jaden started a new school this year too, so lots of changes. He is in the 2nd grade now. Taj is 8 months old!!!! Shocking! He has 4 teeth and 2 more almost in. He is crawling (he has the funniest little crawl--I will try to post a video soon) and cruising furniture and "talking". He has big time "mommy-itis" (which I love, though I probably shouldn't) and is Mr. Personality. This kid is awesome and beautiful (I am not biased:)). Seriously, I can't go anywhere without a dozen strangers stopping us to tell me so. I know, I know it is probably just the "baby thing", but he is truly special. See for yourself in the pics.:)

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted. I am even way out of the loop with all of you. I miss keeping up with all of your lives. I am barely keeping up with Taj. He recently discovered the stairs and outlets. Babyproofing must be stepped up. He loves to eat...anything I feed him. So different from Jaden, who is the pickiest eater on earth. Taj has a huge baby appetite. We are having so much fun. I know I always say it but time is racing by! Way too fast.

Speaking of fast, I turned 40 this month. I am now an elite member of what I understand is a power club! My family threw me a great party. I had blast, and am thrilled to say 40 feels great!

I hope everyone is doing wonderfully. I want to say thanks to those of you who found me on Facebook and checked on me. It is nice to be missed. As I get more into the swing of being a new mommy again and a bit more organized, hopefully my posts won't be so few and far between. Gotta go pick up Jaden. Blessings!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick thank you

I just want to thank everyone for all the sweet comments and helpful fundraising ideas. Please keep 'em coming. Congratulations to everyone who has had success with their fundraising. It truly is yet another blessing from God to have others so generously help in bringing and keeping our angels home.

All is wonderful on this end. My sweet boy is asleep, but I am sure not for long, so I have to jet.

Blessings to you all,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Long time! plus request for fundraising ideas. Help, please!

It has been far too long. This will have to be quick as usual. I got a gentle nudge from the wonderful Stephanie. She actually misses me.:) So sweet. 
Life has just been moving along wonderfully. I am crazy busy and crazy in love. Taj is growing way to fast. He wil be 4 months old in about a week!!! Nursing is going great! I rarely have to supplement at all. Also, we had Taj dedicated at church last week! He was such a good boy, as always.

The older kids, T and J were in their very first talent show. T is on the dance team, and J did his Michael Jackson routine. He was a huge hit!!! T got straight A's once again, and is preparing to go to...HIGH SCHOOL. I am soooo not ready. 
Easter Sunday was wonderful. It was the first time I didn't spend it with my immediate family, but we did spend it with more recently acquired "family" and it was a blast.
I really hope someone is reading this, because on another note, I am hoping to get any and all fundraising ideas. We are quickly approaching the finalization of Taj's adoption (praise God!!), but we are still in need of much of the funds due at that time. We are trying to raise as  much of $5,000 as possible. If you have done a fundraiser, please tell me about it in detail. I want to know what you did, how you did it and how much you raised. If it is doable with an infant in tow, and anything else you would like to share. Thank you sooooo much in advance. We stepped out on faith, and I know God will provide, but I want to make sure we do our part.
I am slowly but surely trying to catch up with everyone. Some very exciting things are happening. God is awesome. I do miss the blog world, and look forward to getting back into the swing of things soon. Don't forget about me. Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little update

I miss being able to catch up with all of you, and I hope you are well. Hubby left town this morning to go play a few gigs in Costa Rica (LUCKY DUCK). I miss him like crazy, but having one less person in the house, somehow freed up a few minutes for me to post. My catnapper, Taj, Is already awake, so I still have to make it quick.

Taj is pure joy. He and I spend our days alone, and I am in awe of the miracle that is Taj Jair. He is smiling, laughing, babbling, can roll over one way, etc, etc...He makes me laugh out loud every single day. The whole family is wonderful and each of them are doing great. We are finally over the many colds in the house. I somehow escaped the illnesses (praise God), I guess so I could take care of everyone else. Taj actually had pneumonia. He is fine now, but we are still giving him breathing treatments for now. I think the pneumonia was harder on me than him. He was in great spirits through the whole thing, except for when he got a shot in his little tushie, (I cried:(, I am a mommy sap)

Anyway, here are some pics of my beautiful boy, Taj (his hair is growing back) and my beautiful J with his new 'do (this is how he used to wear his hair for years before he begged me to cut it)


Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have a few free moments. I actually put my little Taj in his seldom used crib. I guess we'll see how long he naps in there for the first time. I know many of you are laughing at me, but all my babies have had their very own bed which was hardly ever slept in.:)

Taj is wonderful. time is flying by. 6 weeks old as of yesterday!!! He weighed 10 lbs 6 and 1/2 pounds this past Monday. My milk supply is still about the same, maybe a little more. I do hope it gets better, but even if this if this is as good as it gets, it is so worth it. He is totally thriving, and our bond is unbelievable. 

J is doing well. He is enamored of Taj, and shows only a few subconscious signs of how the change in our dynamics might be affecting him. T is sick, poor baby. It hit her hard as we were leaving church. Still I have to mention that she is breaking out of her shell in big ways. I think timing  and age are a big part of it, but the pride she feels in how well she handles her new baby brother was just the push she needed. My hubby is just as wonderful father to 3 as he was to 2. He is stretched thin with work, but he is enjoying his first time as a father to a newborn immensely. It is very sweet.

On another note, even though we have a closed adoption, (at K's request), I get news about K from time to time through our lawyer. Those of you who have been praying for her will be glad to know she is well. She is working, and is very happy for my family. She is moving along with her life in positive ways. It does my heart good to know that. I don't know how long she will be in touch with our lawyer, but I like knowing she is okay.

This, once again, is the very condensed version of what is going on these days, but I tried to hit on some points of possible interest. I have to go, but I hope you all are well. I haven't been able to catch up with most of you. I find that I have to do everything I want and need to do in 15 minute increments, and this 15 are about up, and I am using the rest to post pics. I hope you enjoy them.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Lots going on

Deep in thought
A little sleepy smile

Nice to meet you, Grandma!:)

Our very own rockstar!!
Happy birthday J!!!

Hats off to all new mothers who can do more than a rare drive-by posting on their blog. Courtney comes to mind.:) You go, girl!

Anyhoo, real quick, lots has been going on. My first born son, J celebrated his 7th birthday on Feb. 1st. Happy birthday, my sweet baby. Since that was Super Bowl Sunday, we had his party this past Saturday. It was a great time. Jaden was very happy. His grandparents on my hubby's side were in the area for a conference (they live in Jersey), so they made it to the party. We haven't seen them in a while, do that was nice. Not to mention, they finally got to meet Taj for the first time.:) Taj also got to meet my baby brother, sisters-in-law, cousins, other "grandmas" and his other Godmother that day.

Speaking of Taj, he is doing just great. He is a champion nurser, and is filling out quite nicely, thank you. My milk supply is better, but not abundant yet. I am supposed to pump after each feeding, but since it he eats so often, and I have 2 other children, a husband and a household to take care of, I am lucky if I get to pump once a day. He is definitely getting more breastmilk as the days go by. I can tell by his poop. It is more "breastmilky" every day. There is more I can and will be doing to get a better supply. I will be taking herbs, drinking more water and eating more oatmeal. All of that should help. I am pleased so far, but not thrilled with my progress. If I am away from him for an extended time (about once a week) I get really engorged, which is good. I am able to nurse him to satisfaction without the supplementer about once or twice a day. I am trying to keep in mind that it has only been a week and a half since my milk officially should have started coming in. I will keep you posted.

As we all know, time flies!!! Tomorrow, my little Taj will officially be a month old!!! I can't believe it. He has got male pattern baldness going on, but he is so cute he pulls it off with style!:) So in love are we, I can't get enough of him. He is such a good baby. He only really cries if he is hungry. Sooooooo sweet!
My mom and sister-in-law threw us a baby shower, and Taj made everyone fall in love. He is so easy. By the way, thanks to my family and friends for everything. I truly have angels surrounding me. I am trying really hard to finish up the many thank you notes I need to write!
I have the best mom. I will never be able to thank her for all she does. She is the kind of mom I want to be. If I had time, I would go on about the amazing support system I have in my life. For now, suffice it to say, I love you guys!!!!

My wonderful church family, provided dinner for us all last week. Praise God! The Praise and Worship Team had a night out together bowling and eating. It was a lot of fun. Our church went from 2 to 3 services this past Sunday. God is amazing. It was an exciting day. We were a little tired after being there for almost 6 hours, but we will get used to it. We really love our church, and are thrilled to see what God is doing there.

I hope you enjoy the pics. I had better get a little sleep before my little hungry man wakes up.:) Hope I haven't come across as a babbler. I just have so much to touch on. More to come.


Friday, January 30, 2009

No time to chat

Hey blog fam, 
No time to chat, no time to catch up with everyone's blogs. I miss you guys, and I just wanted to share some pics of angel baby, stirring next to me, doing wonderfully in every way (including lighting up our lives:)), and my other angel babies and hubby. He is changing so much so fast!!
I will try to write a real post and catch up with you all soon. Blessings.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick hello

I am feeling out of touch. I should be sleeping right now, but I just wanted to write a quick post. It has been a rollercoaster weekend. Quick synopsis, I had to say "see you later" (never good-bye) to a family that has become my family, and that I love dearly. Wife to the Rockstar and her beautiful brood moved away this weekend. My little J had a good old fashioned head down on the table boo-hoo cry, which was just icing on the cake of sad.

On a happier note, my brother and and sis-in-law made the drive to meet Taj. His umbilical cord started bleeding while they were there, and though it all turned out fine, and he wasn't bothered at all, I had a mini mommy freak-out. My hubby handled it like a pro.:) My mommy went home.:( My younger brother, sister-in-law and kids had to cancel their plans to come, because 3 out of their 4 kids are sick. Poor babies have t coming out of both ends.(nice visual, huh?):( 

Then on Sunday, a couple of wonderful ladies from church threw us a baby shower. It was great. Thank you Tamara and Lily.:) I know you both put in a lot of time and effort. 
there were lots of friends and fun. It was co-ed, so we had an extra element of hilarity. We received many thoughtful and wonderful gifts. I really think Tamara has found her vocational calling. It is all in the details and there were many! I wouldn't have changed a thing. I will post a few pics when I have a little time to upload them. 

On today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I was unable to attend the parade to celebrate. I missed my sweet T (her step team was in the parade) and my wonderful husband (his marching band was in the parade) as they participated in the festivities.:( I did however spend a peaceful, snuggly day with my baby boys, J and Taj.:) We all met up for a nice lunch after the parade.

Oh yes, we had our 1st post-placement visit with one of my faveorite people, Stacia Hammond (owner/agency director of our amazing adoption agency, ASCS, Inc.). It is always a pleasure connecting with Stacia. I also finally checked the mail and received some of Taj's beautiful sonogram pictures (his birthmother wanted us to have them----so sweet of her!) from another of my favorite people, Leenetta Grizzard, Esq. (our adoption lawyer)--- can you tell I want to tell the world about these fabulous ladies?:)

So you see, I have been my usual emotional self this weekend, with lots of situations to trigger my feelings, happy and sad. Right now I am feeling great, if a little tired.

Well, this has been longer than I thought it would be. Taj is being very cooperative, angel baby that he is,:) but I'd better not push my luck. Good night all.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Adoptive breastfeeding

Some of you have shown interest in adoptive breastfeeding. It is going wonderfully, and when things settle down, I will share more about it. I can't type long, but I want to give you a link to  our doctor's blog post about Taj and me. It is really cool. We feel so special. I hope you enjoy it.

The money thing

The toughest part of adoption is the money aspect. In the midst of all of the planning, excitement, and joy of deciding to take the journey and ultimately being blessed with new life in our hearts and families, many of us struggle with how we will pay for it. 

Our journey has been, and continues to be a walk in faith. This entire process has exponentially strengthened my ability to "let go and let God".  When we made the decision to adopt, when we got the call about Taj, and as we continue to seek ways to pay for our adoption, God has moved in mighty ways. 

I am doing very well living in the moment, enjoying my new bundle of joy and the changing dynamics of my family. Still I know the "money issue" is there. So many of you have generously contributed to our adoption fund. There is no such thing as a "small" donation. I am forever grateful. One day soon I pray that I will be in a position to do for others, maybe some of you, what has been done for us.

Today, I received a $500 donation from someone who only knows of me through a mutual friend. Wow!! Once again, I was brought to tears. The kindness of strangers and the power of God, moves me beyond adequate words of thanks. I look at my little Taj, and T and J and I think of what they are learning from this experience. They will be better for it. We all already are. Thank you just doesn't do it. What can I say? Hugs and blessings to you all.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My superstar babies

I sure you can imagine how busy I am, but I still hope to post every other day or so. Things are wonderful. I am so enjoying my 3 superstars. Watching my 1st 2 with Taj is sweet beyond measure and melts my heart. T has been really busy with mid-terms, but takes baby-holding breaks. J cannot get enough of Taj. He cried yesterday when he had to leave him to go to school:(. 

Taj had his first dr. appoinment, and it went great. Our doctor, Dr Denise Punger, took pictures of us, and posted about our adoptive breastfeeding on her blog Permission to Mother. He is doing great. In fact, we are at it all of the time. He is on a breastfed baby feeding schedule, and we have both adjusted well. 

Also, I have to tell you guys about our wonderful adoption professionals. I love these women. If you are led to adopt and are looking for the right people to work with, I highly recommend that you reach out to them first. On every level that I can think of, they are truly impressive. Stacia Hammond is the agency director/owner of ASCS, Inc. and the lawyer we are using is Leenetta Grizzard, Esq.  (she is the lawyer who Stacia works with for adoptions as well). Again, I cannot say enough good things about them. I will tell you about our experience with them when I have a little more time.

I have lots to say, but Taj calls. I hope you enjoy the pics of my superstar babies. Check the smile on big brother J.:)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A wonderful day

I had a wonderful day. Taj is an angel baby. My dear sweet friend Courtney came over to visit. She is the first person that made me realize we could actually make this adoption happen. It was so sweet to see her with him. She also takes really beautiful photographs, and did a little photo shoot as a gift to us. The pictures are beautiful. Here is one of my favorites. If you don't know, I am referring to Wife to the Rockstar. I love you, sweetie. I am going to miss you soooo much. 

FYI, her youngest was with her today, and he is a joy, and absolutely gorgeous. He is so much the little man!! His pics are beautiful, but nothing but  face to face can do him justice. My mom and I are in love!!!
This is short, but Taj is up and antsy. I am loving every minute!:)

Monday, January 12, 2009

We are home!!!

Hey fam! Just a brief update. We are home!! Birthmom signed TPR yesterday afternoon and he was released this evening. We had a joyously sweet meeting and reunion with T and J a couple of hours ago. They got to stay up a little late to love on their new baby brother. Taj met Grandma (maternal) too. My heart feels whole again! I took some pics that I hope to upload tomorrow. 

On another note, Taj and I attempted to breastfeed tonight for the very first time. I am using a Lactaid supplementer until I finish the protocol in a little over a week, so I had to learn that. I am thrilled and proud to say it was a huge success!!! I just knew he would be a natural. I will keep you updated. He has a good latch and I know once my milk comes in, it will be even better. He seemed to hate the artificial nipples we used in the hospital. He always made a disgusted face, but there was none of that at the breast. I am so happy and excited. 

I have lots to say, but I am beat. I'd better get a little sleep before he is up again.

It is so good to be home.:) Blessings.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

He is here!!!

You are my blog family, so without further ado.....Introducing Taj Jair (a Biblical name meaning "my light" [pronounced Jye-eere]) Posey!! Weighing in at 7 lbs 6 ozs., he entered the world at 3:40pm

Praise God!! Our baby boy made his amazing entrance into the world, and I am once again in awe of what God can do. I have to say, the feeling is NO different. We are in love!!! He is just perfect!

His birthmother is a marvel!! She asked for me to be in the room (if I was comfortable with it). I never imagined I would have that opportunity. I only wanted what she wanted. She was a champ!! 4 pushes. I watched him be born. I cut the cord. I was with him from the moment he entered the world. I am overwhelmed. I made sure that K could see everything that was going on as they cleaned him up etc...she loves him. She never shed a tear in my presence. She s sure of her decision thus far. After he was all bathed and wrapped, I carried him to her and placed him on her arms. We left the room so that they could have some time. She will always be in my prayers. 

The nurse came to get us on the way to the nursery, so we could feed him. K insisted that Dale and I were given the only 2 wristbands that give access to the baby. I asked if she was sure, she said "absolutely". Wow!! Nothing could have possibly prepared me for all the emotion involved in this experience. 

As we fed him and held him and looked at him, it occurred to me that I would have to leave him in the hospital sometimes! Waterworks!!!! It helps to think of it as them taking him to the nursery for a while here and there as it happened with my other 2. I am hanging in there. I will be going back in about an hour.:)

Throughout all of this, I have been calling and texting as many of the people I promised the news of his birth. Family and friends are estactic. Many of you have been waiting and praying along with us. I have to thank Wife to the Rockstar for once again going the extra mile by posting our news of imminent birth and opening her home to my little J to keep him happy in my absence today. All of the comments and prayers and excitement mean the world. Thank you, God bless! We have to go feed our new son!:)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Still no news

There is no news on the baby today. I still need to post, for my own sake. Thank you for all of the loving comments and prayers during this wait.

I think a good cry will do me good. All is well but I am so emotional. I feel as though my heart is split into 3 parts waiting to be whole again. I am away with my amazing husband at his conference, my 2 children are at home with my wonderful mother, and my soon-to be son is overdue. I am feeling a little heartsick. I miss my kids sooooo much. Hearing how much my baby boy misses me tonight kind of sent me over the edge. I haven't had a full out cry, but I haven't really stopped crying since the phone call. If labor hasn't started by tomorrow, we will head home. I can't wait to hold T and J in my arms, but I will be leaving without our new son. I know everything will be as it should be and in God's time, but the day the 3 parts of my heart are 1 again is something I look forward to.

On a happier note, we got to go to dinner with good friends of ours that we haven't seen in ages. The have a beautiful 3 month old daughter we finally got to meet. It was nice, but too short.

Also, in the midst of all of the preparation for our new addition, it was a little to easy to put the idea of how we are going to pay for all of this on the back burner. Funny, huh? Once again, I would like to thank every single one of you who donated to our adoption fund. Biiiiiiiiig blog hugs go out to you all!!:) 

That brings me to another point. Today I was reminded of the humility that this adoption journey has taught me. If it weren't for the fabulous Wife to the Rockstar,my pride would have never let me put a donation button up on this blog. When I am able, I happily, gladly give to others, but asking for and accepting help is a tough one for me. I could give lots of reasons, but ultimately it all comes back to pride. God is still working on me.

One of my dearest friends made a very generous donation to our adoption fund today. When I received notification, I got teary, 1) because it was from her, 2) because it was very generous, and 3) because boy do we NEED it!:) Then I felt weird. Now this is a woman, I would give my last to, give the shirt off of my back, open my home to, but there I was feeling funny about her doing the very thing I would do for her if the tables were turned. She knows it and I know it. I say all that to say,  I shook off that funny feeling. I said a prayer of thanks. Thanks for her in my life, for the donation, and for the humility that God is surely trying to instill in me. Then I thanked her, and of course as fabulous as she is, she only wished she could do more, and told me how happy she is for us. I love you, girl!!!

This journey is profound. I am learning more about myself and life and God along the way. Every tear, smile and prayer will forever be etched in my soul.