Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have a few free moments. I actually put my little Taj in his seldom used crib. I guess we'll see how long he naps in there for the first time. I know many of you are laughing at me, but all my babies have had their very own bed which was hardly ever slept in.:)

Taj is wonderful. time is flying by. 6 weeks old as of yesterday!!! He weighed 10 lbs 6 and 1/2 pounds this past Monday. My milk supply is still about the same, maybe a little more. I do hope it gets better, but even if this if this is as good as it gets, it is so worth it. He is totally thriving, and our bond is unbelievable. 

J is doing well. He is enamored of Taj, and shows only a few subconscious signs of how the change in our dynamics might be affecting him. T is sick, poor baby. It hit her hard as we were leaving church. Still I have to mention that she is breaking out of her shell in big ways. I think timing  and age are a big part of it, but the pride she feels in how well she handles her new baby brother was just the push she needed. My hubby is just as wonderful father to 3 as he was to 2. He is stretched thin with work, but he is enjoying his first time as a father to a newborn immensely. It is very sweet.

On another note, even though we have a closed adoption, (at K's request), I get news about K from time to time through our lawyer. Those of you who have been praying for her will be glad to know she is well. She is working, and is very happy for my family. She is moving along with her life in positive ways. It does my heart good to know that. I don't know how long she will be in touch with our lawyer, but I like knowing she is okay.

This, once again, is the very condensed version of what is going on these days, but I tried to hit on some points of possible interest. I have to go, but I hope you all are well. I haven't been able to catch up with most of you. I find that I have to do everything I want and need to do in 15 minute increments, and this 15 are about up, and I am using the rest to post pics. I hope you enjoy them.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Lots going on

Deep in thought
A little sleepy smile

Nice to meet you, Grandma!:)

Our very own rockstar!!
Happy birthday J!!!

Hats off to all new mothers who can do more than a rare drive-by posting on their blog. Courtney comes to mind.:) You go, girl!

Anyhoo, real quick, lots has been going on. My first born son, J celebrated his 7th birthday on Feb. 1st. Happy birthday, my sweet baby. Since that was Super Bowl Sunday, we had his party this past Saturday. It was a great time. Jaden was very happy. His grandparents on my hubby's side were in the area for a conference (they live in Jersey), so they made it to the party. We haven't seen them in a while, do that was nice. Not to mention, they finally got to meet Taj for the first time.:) Taj also got to meet my baby brother, sisters-in-law, cousins, other "grandmas" and his other Godmother that day.

Speaking of Taj, he is doing just great. He is a champion nurser, and is filling out quite nicely, thank you. My milk supply is better, but not abundant yet. I am supposed to pump after each feeding, but since it he eats so often, and I have 2 other children, a husband and a household to take care of, I am lucky if I get to pump once a day. He is definitely getting more breastmilk as the days go by. I can tell by his poop. It is more "breastmilky" every day. There is more I can and will be doing to get a better supply. I will be taking herbs, drinking more water and eating more oatmeal. All of that should help. I am pleased so far, but not thrilled with my progress. If I am away from him for an extended time (about once a week) I get really engorged, which is good. I am able to nurse him to satisfaction without the supplementer about once or twice a day. I am trying to keep in mind that it has only been a week and a half since my milk officially should have started coming in. I will keep you posted.

As we all know, time flies!!! Tomorrow, my little Taj will officially be a month old!!! I can't believe it. He has got male pattern baldness going on, but he is so cute he pulls it off with style!:) So in love are we, I can't get enough of him. He is such a good baby. He only really cries if he is hungry. Sooooooo sweet!
My mom and sister-in-law threw us a baby shower, and Taj made everyone fall in love. He is so easy. By the way, thanks to my family and friends for everything. I truly have angels surrounding me. I am trying really hard to finish up the many thank you notes I need to write!
I have the best mom. I will never be able to thank her for all she does. She is the kind of mom I want to be. If I had time, I would go on about the amazing support system I have in my life. For now, suffice it to say, I love you guys!!!!

My wonderful church family, provided dinner for us all last week. Praise God! The Praise and Worship Team had a night out together bowling and eating. It was a lot of fun. Our church went from 2 to 3 services this past Sunday. God is amazing. It was an exciting day. We were a little tired after being there for almost 6 hours, but we will get used to it. We really love our church, and are thrilled to see what God is doing there.

I hope you enjoy the pics. I had better get a little sleep before my little hungry man wakes up.:) Hope I haven't come across as a babbler. I just have so much to touch on. More to come.