Thursday, May 22, 2008

In my quiet time

I rarely get down time, I have to carve out time for pretty much everything these days. Today has been interesting. My husband's car went berserk yesterday, so we put it in the shop. I chose to let him take the car instead of dropping him off at work, and somehow I managed to leave my cell phone (which is the number that rings all day, and has all of my contacts in it) in the car! I am paying attention Lord, I am taking a little time for me. So for the past couple of hours, it has been just me and my thoughts. 
I had a beautiful midday lunch with some amazing women yesterday. They are all extremely talented vocalists and brilliant, successful business women. They are all powerfully faith-filled women. We prayed more than once, we laughed, and cried, shared ideas, scriptures, stories, and plans. I am always honored and in awe of them. I was the youngest one there, and I am often overwhelmed by their daily Christian walk. I want to be like that. I want to be like that! I want to be like that!!
I pray to be pleasing in God's sight. I pray to be the example that He would have me be. I can't put into words all that I feel, so most of all I pray. 
I have been thinking about all of that today.
Of course, I have also been (pretty much always am) thinking about adoption. I have been feeling hopeful abut helpless about really starting the process. I know I will come up with the money to start, but really that is just based on faith. I know God will provide, as long as I am doing my part. It is a struggle sometimes to stay positive, but failure is not an option. 
The luncheon yesterday was just what I needed when I needed it. Not only was it uplifting spiritually and emotionally, but in terms of my future financial success. It was as if God was telling me again, in yet another way, that it everything taken care of. I am constantly renewed. 
It is interesting to note that my husband found out that it will cost $900 to fix his car today. The man I married less than 3 years ago would have flipped out, or at the very least gotten discouraged and despondent. But I watch him grow all the time, and today my man was calm as we both agreed that the blessing is that we actually have the money to pay for it (that is not often the case). I suppose I could be upset that the money could have covered much of the cost of our home study, but I know that God's timing is perfect, and it will come from somewhere else. I don't know where, but it always does.
So in my quiet time today, I am feeling peaceful. I am trying to be still, even if it is only for a little while longer.


Salzwedel Family said...

We started this journey with $0. I found a home study provider after many phone calls. She was the lowest priced at $2,100. We were able to pay our first & second payments. When she called for the last appointment we still needed $1,000. I made the appointment knowing the money would have to come from God. The very next day we received a donation in the mail for $1,000. He knows your needs. Take the plunge, He will provide!

poseygirl said...

I definitely love to hear testimonies like that as often as possible. Thank you!

Eric and Michelle said...

We also started with Zero :)