Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick hello

I am feeling out of touch. I should be sleeping right now, but I just wanted to write a quick post. It has been a rollercoaster weekend. Quick synopsis, I had to say "see you later" (never good-bye) to a family that has become my family, and that I love dearly. Wife to the Rockstar and her beautiful brood moved away this weekend. My little J had a good old fashioned head down on the table boo-hoo cry, which was just icing on the cake of sad.

On a happier note, my brother and and sis-in-law made the drive to meet Taj. His umbilical cord started bleeding while they were there, and though it all turned out fine, and he wasn't bothered at all, I had a mini mommy freak-out. My hubby handled it like a pro.:) My mommy went home.:( My younger brother, sister-in-law and kids had to cancel their plans to come, because 3 out of their 4 kids are sick. Poor babies have t coming out of both ends.(nice visual, huh?):( 

Then on Sunday, a couple of wonderful ladies from church threw us a baby shower. It was great. Thank you Tamara and Lily.:) I know you both put in a lot of time and effort. 
there were lots of friends and fun. It was co-ed, so we had an extra element of hilarity. We received many thoughtful and wonderful gifts. I really think Tamara has found her vocational calling. It is all in the details and there were many! I wouldn't have changed a thing. I will post a few pics when I have a little time to upload them. 

On today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I was unable to attend the parade to celebrate. I missed my sweet T (her step team was in the parade) and my wonderful husband (his marching band was in the parade) as they participated in the festivities.:( I did however spend a peaceful, snuggly day with my baby boys, J and Taj.:) We all met up for a nice lunch after the parade.

Oh yes, we had our 1st post-placement visit with one of my faveorite people, Stacia Hammond (owner/agency director of our amazing adoption agency, ASCS, Inc.). It is always a pleasure connecting with Stacia. I also finally checked the mail and received some of Taj's beautiful sonogram pictures (his birthmother wanted us to have them----so sweet of her!) from another of my favorite people, Leenetta Grizzard, Esq. (our adoption lawyer)--- can you tell I want to tell the world about these fabulous ladies?:)

So you see, I have been my usual emotional self this weekend, with lots of situations to trigger my feelings, happy and sad. Right now I am feeling great, if a little tired.

Well, this has been longer than I thought it would be. Taj is being very cooperative, angel baby that he is,:) but I'd better not push my luck. Good night all.


Permission to Mother said...

I've got a few photos to send you from the baby shower, but I am about to post one that will link back to you.

The game the guys played blindfolded was hilarious.

crispy said...

Once again...thanks for sharing all the details. I feel like I am following along with you are you start this motherhood journey all over again.

Bridgett said...

Thank you for sharing the highs and lows.

And you're right...never say 'good-bye.' You'll see Rockstar's wife again, I'm sure of it!


Brianisarockstar said...

We miss you guys too. PS .... the word verification made me type in clownblas .... I guess that is like when a clown has a bad or rainy day .... I hate the blas, but clownblas have to be the worst.

I hope your husband found his "gift" on top of the fridge