Friday, January 16, 2009

The money thing

The toughest part of adoption is the money aspect. In the midst of all of the planning, excitement, and joy of deciding to take the journey and ultimately being blessed with new life in our hearts and families, many of us struggle with how we will pay for it. 

Our journey has been, and continues to be a walk in faith. This entire process has exponentially strengthened my ability to "let go and let God".  When we made the decision to adopt, when we got the call about Taj, and as we continue to seek ways to pay for our adoption, God has moved in mighty ways. 

I am doing very well living in the moment, enjoying my new bundle of joy and the changing dynamics of my family. Still I know the "money issue" is there. So many of you have generously contributed to our adoption fund. There is no such thing as a "small" donation. I am forever grateful. One day soon I pray that I will be in a position to do for others, maybe some of you, what has been done for us.

Today, I received a $500 donation from someone who only knows of me through a mutual friend. Wow!! Once again, I was brought to tears. The kindness of strangers and the power of God, moves me beyond adequate words of thanks. I look at my little Taj, and T and J and I think of what they are learning from this experience. They will be better for it. We all already are. Thank you just doesn't do it. What can I say? Hugs and blessings to you all.


Bridgett said...

What an extraordinary gift.
There are wonderful, giving, caring people in this world...all I have to do is read your blog to realize this.


HollyAnn said...

He is gorgeous! Thank you for posting we know God is calling us to adopt again and the money is the biggest obstacle, I love hearing how He has provided for other people! Congrats on your beautiful new addition!