Friday, January 16, 2009

Adoptive breastfeeding

Some of you have shown interest in adoptive breastfeeding. It is going wonderfully, and when things settle down, I will share more about it. I can't type long, but I want to give you a link to  our doctor's blog post about Taj and me. It is really cool. We feel so special. I hope you enjoy it.


Bridgett said...


I'm a nurse and I'd honestly never heard of this before. How amazing.


Darlene said...

unbelievable! So, does your milk actually come in??? I am so amazed (and a little confused)! Either way, HOW beautiful and special!

poseygirl said...

Darlene, yes my milk should be in a couple of weeks. I did something called the accelerated protocol (just finishing up) because of the short notice we got for Taj's arrival.

There are sites that explain everything much better than I could. The main one I know about is It really is amazing, and a true blessing. I am a breastfeeding mama.:) I never knew it was possible, until I happened upon the info during my extensive research on adoption.:)

Permission to Mother said...

I posted out guest post at Adoption Connect.

Go check it out.

Let me know if I need to make any edits or additions.