Thursday, January 15, 2009

My superstar babies

I sure you can imagine how busy I am, but I still hope to post every other day or so. Things are wonderful. I am so enjoying my 3 superstars. Watching my 1st 2 with Taj is sweet beyond measure and melts my heart. T has been really busy with mid-terms, but takes baby-holding breaks. J cannot get enough of Taj. He cried yesterday when he had to leave him to go to school:(. 

Taj had his first dr. appoinment, and it went great. Our doctor, Dr Denise Punger, took pictures of us, and posted about our adoptive breastfeeding on her blog Permission to Mother. He is doing great. In fact, we are at it all of the time. He is on a breastfed baby feeding schedule, and we have both adjusted well. 

Also, I have to tell you guys about our wonderful adoption professionals. I love these women. If you are led to adopt and are looking for the right people to work with, I highly recommend that you reach out to them first. On every level that I can think of, they are truly impressive. Stacia Hammond is the agency director/owner of ASCS, Inc. and the lawyer we are using is Leenetta Grizzard, Esq.  (she is the lawyer who Stacia works with for adoptions as well). Again, I cannot say enough good things about them. I will tell you about our experience with them when I have a little more time.

I have lots to say, but Taj calls. I hope you enjoy the pics of my superstar babies. Check the smile on big brother J.:)


Melissa said...

Awww, that's all I can say :)

Salzwedel Family said...

Beautiful, beautiful family! Big sis & brother look like happy campers with your new little sweetie.

blessedfamily said...


crispy said...

Wonderful. I had read about the breastfeeding on PTM site already and I am eager to find out more.

I had gotten the name of the agency from Court and I have emailed them to start asking questions. I would love to email you directly if you are available. (we are ready to pursue this now)

I can get your email from Court if that is OK.


Permission to Mother said...

All your children are so photogenic.

poseygirl said...

You guys are all so sweet.

Cris, you may definitely get my email from Courtney.:) I am excited for you!!

Bridgett said...

So sweet! All three children look content and happy.

What a joyful site to see. :)


P&J Mommy said...

found your blog when I googled Stacia Hammond. We are starting our adoption journey after struggling with infertility for years---we have a lot in common - I would love to talk with you via email about your journey--my email is thanks and congrats on your beautiful son!!