Sunday, May 3, 2009

Long time! plus request for fundraising ideas. Help, please!

It has been far too long. This will have to be quick as usual. I got a gentle nudge from the wonderful Stephanie. She actually misses me.:) So sweet. 
Life has just been moving along wonderfully. I am crazy busy and crazy in love. Taj is growing way to fast. He wil be 4 months old in about a week!!! Nursing is going great! I rarely have to supplement at all. Also, we had Taj dedicated at church last week! He was such a good boy, as always.

The older kids, T and J were in their very first talent show. T is on the dance team, and J did his Michael Jackson routine. He was a huge hit!!! T got straight A's once again, and is preparing to go to...HIGH SCHOOL. I am soooo not ready. 
Easter Sunday was wonderful. It was the first time I didn't spend it with my immediate family, but we did spend it with more recently acquired "family" and it was a blast.
I really hope someone is reading this, because on another note, I am hoping to get any and all fundraising ideas. We are quickly approaching the finalization of Taj's adoption (praise God!!), but we are still in need of much of the funds due at that time. We are trying to raise as  much of $5,000 as possible. If you have done a fundraiser, please tell me about it in detail. I want to know what you did, how you did it and how much you raised. If it is doable with an infant in tow, and anything else you would like to share. Thank you sooooo much in advance. We stepped out on faith, and I know God will provide, but I want to make sure we do our part.
I am slowly but surely trying to catch up with everyone. Some very exciting things are happening. God is awesome. I do miss the blog world, and look forward to getting back into the swing of things soon. Don't forget about me. Enjoy the pics!


Salzwedel Family said...

Awww shucks! Who is that big boy? It most certainly cannot be Taj. He is handsome as ever.

The talent show sounds very cool.

I am glad you are back. I'm not sure what advice to give for fundraisers, but I always know when food is involved people will come. We have been successful with Tastefully Simple products (the consultant gave us 25% of the total sales) and we've had several brat frys (but that is definitely a Wisconsin thing). If I come up with anything else I will e-mail you.

blessedfamily said...

Wow! He is getting BIG... and is still oh so CUTE!

Debbie B said...

We did lots of garage sales with things donated from friends and family. That was our biggest success. I sold stuff on ebay as well. You would make a lot if you wanted to sell some of the little guys clothes on ebay.

Adorable little man.

crispy said...

It is nice to hear that things are going well. I am really glad to hear that nursing is going well. God is good and His mercies are perfect.

Michelle said...

Taj is so adorable! Looks like he's showing a lot of personality already. And growing so big!

I'm sorry I don't have much advice about fund raising. We are just beginning to work on these things ourselves. But have you applied for any adoption grants?

The best thought I have right now is to pray and ask God to give you His thoughts, for He knows just where the money will come from. Then just do what He says!

Melissa said...

With the musical talet in your family I suggest a Karaoke night-or something like that. Do you have a friend who would maybe donate his skills as an emcee/DJ? Others who might donate prizes?
I am getting ready to do a Spa Day. My church is loaning me some space and some friends are donating their time to do nails, massages and such. Another thing I am doing is a Premier Design Jewelry fundraiser. the jewlry is REALLY nice and it is a Christian company. Email me if you want the name of the lady I am doing it through

Your little man is GORGEOUS!

KT said...

we just made over $3,000 at our sale a couple of weeks ago.

Here's what you do:
have a fantastic location
have someone help you
have a place to store stuff
have a friday/sat. sale (this is a must! $2,000 was made on friday alone)
we did a donation only yard sale, people would give $10 for a book, or $20 for a toy, seriously!
All signage should be HUGE and say it is for Adoption.
Not to be unkind, but since your baby looks like you and your family, you might make up a cute t-shirt for him that says Adopted with Love and have t-shirts for you and your whole family.
We had 22 families donate, so, get like 40 and you might make $5,000!
Oh, I advertised on our blog, facebook and craigslist.