Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We are going for it!!!

I am walking around in a daze. We very well could have our baby home in about a month. We decided to go for it. I have so much to do, but my mind hasn't processed everything yet.We have to hurry up our homestudy process, and get everything ready for a bundle of joy!!! Part of me is hesitant to behave as though this is really going to happen, but I know God is faithful. Of course now I want THIS baby, but no matter what happens the baby God intends for our family will be coming home soon.

I am in a strange place. I am a little scared, and a lot excited. I am trying to guard my heart enough that I won't be so devastated if this is not the baby meant for us, but at the same time I want to allow my self to be as in love with this little guy as I was when my other two babies were born. 

My husband is excited, and that just melts me. I wish I could tell the kids, but I know my youngest would be heartbroken if he knew about the baby and then we couldn't bring him home for some reason. Though she might never admit it, so would my oldest. Please continue to keep us in prayer. 

My home study should be completed by the 1st week in January. That is cutting it close, so please pray that our baby will not be born early because that might mean he would need interim care. I know it would not be the worst thing, but we pray that he will come to us from his birthmother's arms to ours. 


Salzwedel Family said...

"A little scared, and a lot excited" sounds just like every expectant mom should! I'm excited to watch God's plan unfold.

Anonymous said...

It's a HIM??

I am crying. Why have you not called me?????????????????