Monday, December 8, 2008

Lots of BIG news!!!

In typical fashion, I have been missing in action for weeks and return having way too much information to share. I will just touch on the basics in this post. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful! I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. This is our first house, and I made my first turkey!!! It was a hit. We had over 50 people come. It was a true blessing. Of  course my entire immediate family was there. Plus all of my 7 aunts, all but 3 1st cousins, their families etc... It was amazing. God is good!

Then on Friday the cold I had been fighting since the day before Thanksgiving scored a knock-out. I was down for the count. I got some antibiotics and finally felt human again by Wed. night.

On this past Saturday, my new band had it's very first job. It was a huge star-studded event. In spite of numerous glitches in our 12 hour day for an hour and a half performance, we were a hit!! We pray that this is only the beginning. 3 of those 12 hour days a month would afford us the luxury of having to do nothing else for a living but maintain the band. I am all for that!!!:)

Then yesterday, my fabulously talented husband conducted his very first symphony concert! He was amazing! I also sang a song with said symphony, which was a first for me. Mind you, we got home from our Saturday night gig at 4:30am. Up again at 9am. The concert was at 3pm. Big fun. LOL. Seriously though it was exciting. My husband still manages to impress me. Wow!

Finally, today I got a call from the adoption agency asking if we would be interested in a situation. The baby is due January 8th!!! The fees would be a little higher than we had originally discussed because it is an outside situation. She is double-checking but we would need to come up with $6,000-7,000 not necessarily by placement. I thought my husband would shoot it down outright, but he got excited. He said as of now he thinks the answer will be yes, but he wants to pray about it first. That is exactly what I want him to do. That is exactly what I have been doing all day. 

I would love to hear or even re-hear your stories of stepping out on faith. If this situation works out, that is exactly what we would being doing, since I think most of you know we don't have $6,000. 

Of note, is that I have prayed to have our baby home before Jaden turns 7 years old. His 7th birthday is in early Feb. I also thought for sure that my sweet hubby would not even consider the idea, because of money and how soon the baby is due. Interesting reaction on his part. :). Please pray that we make sound, divinely led decisions for our family. If this is the baby for us I know in my heart God will make that clear.


stephanie garcia said...

How exciting!! I will share with you that in absolutely none of our adoptions did we have the funds available to adopt. And God provided - every time. I firmly believe (at the risk of sounding cliche) that "if God leads you to it, He will lead you through it." GOD bless you as you pray and seek His will!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Oh Lauren, how awesome! I don't have an example of stepping out in faith for an adoption (yet), but I have heard TONS of them and know that God will provide. I am super excited for you!

I love to hear about your work too. Someday you'll have to post a video of you and your band or something :)

Salzwedel Family said...

I am so happy for your family. I know God will provide all that you need.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Where the heck have I been and why didn't you call me SCREAMING?????

I am SO excited!

I SO HOPE this is your baby because then I will get to meet her (or him) before we move!