Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More info as promised.

Last night I barely had time to post about our amazing news. Here is a little more info. 

Our birthmother wants to meet us! Evidently she loved our profile. She has invited us to any of her next doctor appointments. Considering the fact that she is due in just 3 weeks we are planning to go to her appointment scheduled for this coming Tuesday. She is only about 2 and a half hours away!!! That is a huge plus. I am very nervous and have no idea how the meeting will go or what to expect. Of course we will be ourselves, but any insight, suggestions, or advice is welcome.

On a side note, I just this minute told my 13 year old, T, about being chosen and my laid back, unemotional baby girl actually cried a few tears of joy. So sweet and unexpected.:) We haven't told our 6 year old, J, yet. I got a great idea, from a wonderful friend, how to tell him. I am going to buy him a big brother book and shirt and give it to him as an early Christmas present. I can't wait to see his reaction.

 Our home study visit is Monday. We are preparing as if he could come any day, since of course he could!!! This next week promises to be a whirlwind of preparations. I will keep you all updated.

I am sure I am leaving something out. It is still sinking in that I could be a new mommy again in weeks. WOW!! Please keep praying.


Debbie B said...

Just found your blog. Congratz on being chosen and the baby is due so soon.
Best advice on meeting the expectant mother would be to try and take the cue from her. Be yourself though for sure. Our biggest question when we met our daughter's birthmom was should we shake her hand or give her a hug. We hugged her and just instantly loved her. Good luck!
Great way to tell your son.

Katie said...

no advice, but I will take yours once you've learned:)
praying for you

Michael F said...

Very exciting news! We are foster parents so we can kind of relate to the anticipation. We can get a call at anytime and have a new addition to our family within hours.
We have met many birth families and the thing we do is treat them with respect. Try not to give off a vibe that we are better than them but that we are equals. They have enough people (CPS) telling them they suck so we try to see the situation from their point of view. This may not really apply in your situation but just thought I would throw that out there.

So glad that Courtney brought your need to light! God's people can not help if they do not know of the need.

Hang in there and good luck!

Michelle said...

How amazing to get to go to the appointment with her! I am so excited for you and your family. I pray that your meeting goes smoothly and that you feel comfortable with each other right away!

poseygirl said...

I really appreciate the advice and encouragement. You guys rock!!

Tonya said...

Praise Jesus about the appointment!!! YAY for closeness. God is good! I will continue to pray for you and your family!!

Kelly said...

Gosh I better not ever again skip reading your blog for a few days...who knows what might happen!!
kd in NC

Heather said...

Wow! Look how God's people are blessing you! I am so encouraged by this!

poseygirl said...

It really is amazing what God can do. I am so grateful.

Tami said...

I nominated you for an award:)
Please visit my blog to pick it up.

Permission to Mother said...

This morning, I had another lady come by for the same thing you did and she saw you. She is local and I am referring her to your blog.

Danielle said...


Dr. P. just gave me your blog address this morning. I think we were actually in the waiting room at the same time. I was there to discuss adoptive breast feeding. My husband and I were just matched with a birth mother yesterday. She is due in 10 weeks. We are super excited after waiting over 8 years for a baby. You can check out my blog at

Permission to Mother said...

I am so glad you to found each my office of all places... now I am off to Danielle's blog. :)