Saturday, October 25, 2008


So, Last night I sat up in bed just before dozing off to write a post. I poured my heart out in detail regarding something that was on my heart. Then I tried to publish the post and my blankity blank internet provider lost connection and it was sent into cyberspace never to be heard from again. The same thing happened with my previous post, but it was short so I re-wrote that one.

Unfortunately, this post was pretty long and of the moment, so this time I will write the slightly abbreviated version.

My "Wow" title is in reference to how God works.

On Thursday night my hubby and I were discussing where we both stood on our plans for adoption. In short, he often struggles with stepping out on faith, especially when it comes to money matters. Since money is our main, if not only, road block to adoption, all of his misgivings stemmed from there. He said he would be fully on board once we have the money, until then he has one foot on and one off.

My argument is that if we are of one accord, and fully committed in our hearts and minds, God will provide. We can't be halfway believers and dreamers. We can't offer up halfway prayers, etc...(cuz you know I had much to say:)). Ultimately he saw my point, and assured me that he wants this to happen as much as I do.

On Friday, we received a donation of $2oo from our dear friends who would have liked to remain anonymous. This was completely out of the blue and literally brought me to tears. I won't embarrass them by gushing the way I tend to do when speaking of them, but I hope they know what a true blessing they have been in our lives ever since we met them almost a year and a half ago. To God be the glory and they would have it no other way. Still I thank you.

I am pretty certain that no one reading this sees the donation as a small thing, but there is a reason that I even mentioned the amount donated.

Due to financial circumstances, every penny we make has been going to catching up on bills and such, so even the application fee has been beyond our means. I have been praying to be able to make an official start to this adoption. The app fee is $250. Last week I checked my adoption fund account and discovered there was $54 in it from donations we received back in June/July when I started this blog( I hadn't realized). I knew we still had a way to go. My sweet friends don't know this, but their donation will allow us to make our first OFFICIAL step on our adoption journey!!!Praise God!

It is actually fitting, because they are the ones who re-awakened the desire to adopt in my heart and make me see it as a real, doable option for my family.

God is good all the time. I have read and heard time and time again about how many families had no idea how they would pay for their adoptions, but took that leap of faith. We took ours and now here we go!!


Katie said...

I remember getting the exact amount we needed to complete our homestudy. It was given by a friend of a friend whom I have never met. You just never know who God has called to give.

Salzwedel Family said...

Hooray! This is so awesome. Just take it one step at a time. We literally had no way to pay for anything just a little over a year ago. We have paid over $6,000 in expenses by God's grace alone.

It will come, even when you don't know how. God is good. Yeah God!

Anonymous said...


God WILL provide. And HE will use the most unlikely of sources to do so.

I am SO excited for you guys. This journey is about so much more than adding another child. Trust me. Just wait. Wait and see what God does.

Tami said...

Congratulations! We are in process of our son's adoption ans have three homegrown blessings too. God will bring in the funds. He will give you amazing creative ideas to help too! Praying for everything to fall into place.

Nicole said...

Good luck to you! We have 3 homegrown boys and added a sweet little girl via disrupted adoption a year ago. We are too in the mists of deciding when and where to adopt from again. We will be thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am in the same predicament financially and hubby won't budge!! Grrr.... hmmm maybe I'll use your argument.

Anywho, may God bless you in more ways than you can count.

I look forward to reading your story!

Brianisarockstar said...

Very excited for you both. Hopefully you see every penny realized in some fashion or another. It is amazing how God sometimes organizes a burning bush experience for us right before our eyes.

Looks like you were just spoken to

poseygirl said...

You better believe it!:)

BethPie said...

When it comes to adoption, everything I have personally experienced and witnessed in the lives of others, is that God ALWAYS provides. The fact that our needs are met soooo specifically proves that he cares about even the smallest of details. Even though I should have come to expect stories like this (since I've seen so much evidence of HIS timely provision) I'm still amazed by HIM each and every time. Wow.