Monday, October 27, 2008

I have been TAGGED!!

Ok, now I am a real blogger. I was tagged by Melissa. I have to apologize to her because I knew I got tagged, but I wasn't sure what to do next, so between being blog-challenged and busy, it has been a while since she tagged me.

I hope I do it right. Here goes...
(Melissa has a really cool "tagged" badge that should go right here and has tagged directions on it, but I told you I am blog-challenged):(

1. In high school my nickname was Pinkee. I wore pink EVERY day. By  the end of senior year I was over it, but still did it because I got a lot of flack when I didn't.

2. I was Miss Black Florida 1987-1988. If I told you how low-budget the pageant was you would not be impressed.

3. I am a total gadget geek. I always want the newest gadget, and can be borderline obsessive about it until and after I get it.

4. I once travelled to Morrocco to sing for the Crown Prince. I was 3 months pregnant with my daughter (14 years ago). It was beautiful there (where we stayed) and I rode a camel for the 1st and so far only time. Maybe I will post pics of that. It was pretty funny.

5. I am not ticklish. I was as a child, but somewhere around puberty it went away. Now tickling me just annoys me.

6. When I was growing up I loved to watch old musicals, well musicals period, on television. I was so sure I could do what they did, that it hurt. I would actually cry because I wanted to be in those musicals so badly. That lasted into my teens.

7. I am terribly, terribly shy and self-conscious. I spend much of my life pushng past that, and over-analyzing myself, my words, actions, and even my thoughts. People tend to find that hard to believe because I am an entertainer, but it's true.

Tagging back is a bit of a challenge. All the bloggers I know probably get tagged all the time. If that is the case, I apologize in advance.

(not as payback:)), and any willing participant. 


Salzwedel Family said...

Yes, you must post the camel pictures! I can just picture you looking all regal riding a camel.

I can totally picture you as Miss Black Florida. Was your dress pink?

Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Yep, gotta see the camel photos. I bet they're gorgeous :)

It took me FOREVER the first time I was tagged to figure out how to get the tag pic on my blog :) All you do is right-click and save it as a pic then you attach it in your post. Or at least that's how I did it. If there's an easier way I don't know what it is ;) Thanks for sharing!