Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wonderful time!

All days are a blessing. Some days are just better than others. I believe friends are the family you choose. I tend to choose some WONDERFUL family. It is amazing the connections you find between people as you get to know them. It just makes more and more sense that you are so drawn to them, and why it it is so worth the effort to nurture that connection in the midst of your busy life.

It is so rare that we have time to just hang out with friends. Between their schedules and ours, it becomes less and less of a priority. Today we made it a priority, and I am so glad. We had a ball! Before I knew it, close to 6 hours had passed. I never felt uncomfortable, in fact, even though we were all yawning, and sleepy kids were dropping like flies, it was still hard to leave. My kinda hang, my kinda people, my kinda family.

I can't wait until we can do it again!:) For us, living farther away from blood relatives than I ever have, it was really nice to feel at home. 

I hope that if there are people in your life you feel connected to, that you make it a priority to spend some time with them. It is worth the effort and effortless at the same time. 


Salzwedel Family said...

It's so rewarding to spend time with people that build you up! Definitely worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

Can i just say this post made me teary eyed.

I am truly blessed to know you.