Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a slacker!!!

I am back! I have been sufficiently shamed by my wonderful new doctor (not on purpose) into updating my blog.

It has been almost 3 months. As the days turned into weeks, into months, it just seemed more and more overwhelming to start again. So much has happened, I just didn't/don't know where to start.

Anyhoo, I guess I will just dive in anywhere and see where it takes me.

I have still been completely immersed in adoption research. I was getting  a bit discouraged. Talk about information overload. My husband actually forbade me from going to one forum anymore. HA! Between adoption costs, choosing an adoption professional, and discovering that adoption isn't always seen as the fabulous thing that I see it to be, nor does it always bring out the best in those in the adoption triad (some forums can get nuts), my adoption dreams started to seem a bit out of reach. 

So I prayed, I researched, I prayed, I researched...(you get the picture).

Well, we all know what prayer can do. I FOUND MY AGENCY!!! I am so excited. It is what I prayed for:

In state
Payments are spread out
Only an app fee to get started

I am prayerful, yet confident that this is the right agency.

So with all of that, you would think I am halfway there! Right? Wrong!!!

This summer proved to be one of the worst ones yet, financially. I won't bore you with the sad details...for now:) So we are in financial limbo, but hope to get the ball rolling within the next couple of weeks!!! I can't wait!!

At the agency owner's suggestion, I started and completed my adoption profile. It was tough, and fun at the same time. Of course it needs to be reviewed, but I am happy with it.

So my new doctor is Dr. Punger who, by the way, has a fabulous blog that I recently started following, permissiontomother.blogspot.com,  suggested I do multiple blog entries instead of one long "try to catch up" entry, so I will end here in a sec. I sought her out as a resource for a very specific reason.

Let me preface that reason by saying I am chicken. As a blogger, I hesitate to get too real, or touch on things that might be deemed controversial or unpopular, for fear that I will come under fire. I am not a "sit back and take it" kind of chick. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I take stuff personally. Still, I consider myself a bit of a rebel, so here goes. My first real risk on my blog...I am planning to breastfeed the baby we adopt!! OK, so maybe that is not a big deal (not negatively anyway) to those of you who are reading this. I truly hope not, but my vast amount of research shows that there are some strong opinions on the subject. 

I didn't know it was possible, and and thrilled at the prospect of nursing my third child, as I did the first 2. 

So I will leave you with that, and pray that you are happy for me. I have no intention of staying away so long again. I still have a lot to catch you up on!!


Salzwedel Family said...

Hey - you're back! I was so excited to refresh my blog & see you move to the upper part of the list instead of the bottom.

I'm glad to hear you are making progress. And as far as the breast feeding goes - no worries. My friend Cara has checked into this also. I think it's great!

Melissa said...

I'm glad you are back and I think that breastfeeding your adopted child will be wonderful for you and the baby :)

Permission to Mother said...

Smile... I'm glad you posted. I am also glad to see your friends supporting your choice to breastfeed.

Anonymous said...

Wooohoooo. I think it is awesome!!!!